Artist Management & Booking

Rampart Artist Agency provides artist/speaker management and booking. We procure an unyielding group of artists and speakers that are vastly talented and outfitted with hearts to serve.

One of the hardest areas for an artist or speaker to handle is management and booking. At Rampart we understand this very well, and our experienced team will help by interacting with venues, promoters, and event organizers to ensure that the details are worked out efficiently and effectively for everyone.

Rampart works hard with its artists/speakers to provide accountability and support in their craft. The standards for our operations, artists, and speakers are set high as we aim to do everything with excellence.

We are always looking for new artists, speakers, and worship leaders to join the Rampart family. We encourage musicians/speakers to submit press-kits, demos, and online information. We will personally review each submission and give it the respect and consideration it deserves.